Application & Admission

6. Summer Course on RMHS 2015

Participant application requirements:
Document submission in English

Level A:

  1. Good command of spoken and written English (enclosure of proficiency documentation if possible)
  2. CV
  3. Letter of intent showing academic career orientation (not exceeding two pages)

Level B:

  1. Level A to be completed

Grading policy:
The participants will report a project or will present the results of the analysis of a given dataset. The reports will be grades as “pass” or “fail”.

Course fee:
Level A: 300 EUR (or 1000 TL)
Level B: 300 EUR (or 1000 TL)
Level A+B: 500 EUR (or 1500 TL)
*Course fee covers tuition,  lunches, coffee breaks and gala dinner. For international students accomandation is available for 200 EUR per week.

*Poster presentations will be accepted.