4. Summer Course on RMHS 2013

Books and Manuscripts

Önder Ergönül, MD, MPH

Lauren McGrath, PhD

Şevket Ruacan, MD, PhD

Henning Tiemeier, PhD

Verda Tunalıgil, MD, MPH

Recommended Books

  1. Epidemiology: An Introduction. Kenneth J. Rothman, 2002, Boston.
  2. Principles of Biostatistics. Marcello Pagano and Kimberlee Gauvreau, 2000, Boston.
  3. An Introduction to STATA for health researchers. Svend Juul, second edition, 2008, Stata Press.

This is a Koç University graduate level course under International Special Programs (ISP 550)


Önder Ergönül, MD, MPH

  • Introduction to Epidemiology
  • Types of Study Design and Cohort Studies
  • Descriptive Epidemiology
  • Sample Size and Power Calculations
  • Multivariate Analysis

Pınar Ay, MD, MPH

  • Cross-sectional Studies
  • Statistical Inference

Özgür Öktem, MD

  • Statistical Tests in Molecular Studies

Anıl Dolgun, PhD

  • Correlation
  • Practicum: Correlation

Aybüke Filiz

  • Health Sciences Writing Workshop

Hale Arık Taşyıkan, MD, MPH

  • Nonparametric Tests and Anova

Ayşe Kavak, MD

  • How to publish a manuscript?

Şevket Ruacan, MD, PhD

  • Ethics in Scientific Research

Dan Wikler, MD, PhD

  • Research Ethics: Clinical vs Population Perspectives
  • Reasoning about Rationing
  • The Standard of Care in Clinical Trials

Henning Tiemeier, PhD

  • Common Fallacies in Modern Epidemiological Research

Susan Kornetsky, PhD

  • Construction of research protocols for ethics review
  • Informed Consent, assent and surveillance
  • Use of Internet and Social Media in Research involving Human Subjects
  • Community-based collaborative research

İhsan Solaroğlu, MD

  • How to convince the editor?

Volker Beierlein, MSc.

  • Measuring Patient-Reported Health

Berna Arda, MD, PhD

  • Ethics Principles

Kerim Munir, MD, MPH, DSc

  • Strategies for Preparing a Grant Application